Red Running Hood-Part 4



Weeks after the move, Ruby gets a letter from Canavar. It reads,



Why did you leave? Was it something I did? I hope I didn’t push you away, and if I did, then I’m very sorry. I got you something, just in case you change your mind. I miss you. I hope you use and enjoy my gift.

                   love, Signed,



Ruby looks, and sees a ticket back to Florida, where she used to live. She immediately packs a bag and takes a Cab to the airport. After Security, she calls her parents and leaves a message explaining what she is doing, then prepares to board the plane back to her home.

(To be Continued)


The Unjustified Revamp of Disney Princesses

Disney Revamp.

Disney has gone a step too far in the Strive to make more money. That’s right guys. Sparkles!! Sparkles for everyone!! I have been okay with the sparkly costumes in the movies, but when you get a character like Mulan, or Merida, who they purposely made strong and different than the rest, you kind of expect them to be left alone. But that isn’t the case in the eyes of Disney

Image result for fair use disney princesses revampedImage result for fair use disney princesses revampedImage result for fair use disney princesses revamped

The way I see it, Disney is still trying to enforce the idea that in order to be a princess, you need to be pretty and wear fancy clothes. But this is just giving the young ladies of the world the wrong impression. A princess is strong. A princess is kind. A princess doesn’t need a man to save her, because she can save herself. Disney already has enough money. They need to leave the princesses alone.

Disney Princesses

Disney Princesses get a needed refresher when Elsa joins the crew. The newcomer to the Disney universe defies standards in this great musical By youtube group AVByte. Click to see the video.

When Elsa lets go of her ideals to tell the other princesses the way things work today, they realize that they can be strong on their own. Its time for the princesses to join this generation of strong, independent women.

 Similarly, I believe it is time for all the classic tales to be updated to fit this generation.I have seen people reading fewer and fewer classic stories. But, they seem to enjoy the modern versions of the exact same tale.

If you enjoy the video, please like it and support AVByte. They make musicals like this every week. And check out their channel.

Red Running Hood- Part 3

The plane lands, and Ruby grabs her bag. As she leaves the plane, she finally takes in her surroundings. As everything clicks into place, she stops walking and moves to a wall. She then sits down, and breaks. What is happening to me? she begins to think. Yesterday my life was normal……. I was normal. And now this. now this is taking me from everything I know. WHY?! What did I do to deserve this?

“Ruby, are you alright?” Her fathers voice breaks into her thoughts and interrupt her questions.

“Yeah. I’m fine.” she says through clenched teeth.

“Okay, then let’s get going.”

They walk out of the airport, leaving behind any regrets of moving Ruby so suddenly.

(To Be Continued)

Red Running Hood- Part 2

The next morning is full of surprises as Ruby wakes up smelling bacon and eggs cooking in the kitchen. She bolts out of bed, hoping that yesterday was just a dream and Grandma is down in the kitchen making breakfast.

She arrives in the kitchen and sees Canavar cooking.”Canavar?!? What are you doing here?”

“I stayed to help clean up after you fell asleep. Your house is a bit of a mess. I already told my parents that I spent the night over. They were okay with it. After I told them that I just stayed in the living room.”

“Why would you do that? I mean, we’re just friends. Why-”

Her sentence is cut short when her parents come bursting in the door like a storm of worry. “Ruby! What happened? Are you alright? Where is Grandma staying? How-?” Her mom stops short when she sees Canavar standing in the kitchen. “Ruby? Why is there a boy standing in our kitchen? And why do we not know who he is?”

Ruby groans and begins to explain. “Mom, this is Canavar. He is a friend of mine from school. I was walking home from school with him and invited him in. I guess I was still getting over the shock of what happened to Grandma…… and I broke down. He helped me.”

As Ruby finishes, her Mom looks at Canavar and begins to thank him. Canavar quickly and politely responds “You’re Welcome.”, then decides to take his leave.

After he leaves, Ruby’s dad begins to speak very quickly. “Okay, now that he is gone we can get down to business. Ruby, go pack a bag. We’re leaving as soon as possible. We’ll go to the hospital and visit Gran, let her know what’s going on, then get out of here. C’mon, lets go!” Ruby listens and reluctantly puts together a bag and gets in the car. Before she realizes it, they are on a plane to France.

(To Be Continued)

Red Running Hood Part 1

Red Riding Hood


As she runs, she hears his feet pound on the pavement behind her. When he begins to gain on her she increases speed. She finally stops for a break when she is nearing her house.

“Hey. Why did you try to leave me behind?”

She turns and sees him. “Oh hey Canavar, I didn’t see you behind me. I was just in a hurry to get home, sorry.”

Canavar looked at her curiously, then gave up. “Alright, I’ll just remember to yell louder next time. See ya!”

Ruby sighed out of relief as Canavar left. She had avoided yet another long walk with him incessantly bugging her about dating him. I mean, he’s a nice guy and all, but he’s too much of a jock for me. she thought to herself.


“Grandma. I’m home!” She called in to her Grandmother as she stepped in the door. As she walks to the kitchen she doesn’t hear the usual response. Worried, she heads upstairs to check on Grandma. When she gets there, Ruby sees that she is having trouble breathing. She frantically calls 911 and they arrive within minutes.

What am I going to do?, Ruby thought. I can’t live on my own! Mom and Dad are on a business trip and won’t be back for months!


After all her classes the next day, she begins to walk home, Canavar following and continuing to talk to her. He follows Ruby into her house as she begins to have a full breakdown. While she sobs, he rubs her back, at an attempt to comfort her. She slowly becomes exhausted,and eventually drifts off to a dreamless sleep.

(to be continued)