Red Running Hood- Part 2

The next morning is full of surprises as Ruby wakes up smelling bacon and eggs cooking in the kitchen. She bolts out of bed, hoping that yesterday was just a dream and Grandma is down in the kitchen making breakfast.

She arrives in the kitchen and sees Canavar cooking.”Canavar?!? What are you doing here?”

“I stayed to help clean up after you fell asleep. Your house is a bit of a mess. I already told my parents that I spent the night over. They were okay with it. After I told them that I just stayed in the living room.”

“Why would you do that? I mean, we’re just friends. Why-”

Her sentence is cut short when her parents come bursting in the door like a storm of worry. “Ruby! What happened? Are you alright? Where is Grandma staying? How-?” Her mom stops short when she sees Canavar standing in the kitchen. “Ruby? Why is there a boy standing in our kitchen? And why do we not know who he is?”

Ruby groans and begins to explain. “Mom, this is Canavar. He is a friend of mine from school. I was walking home from school with him and invited him in. I guess I was still getting over the shock of what happened to Grandma…… and I broke down. He helped me.”

As Ruby finishes, her Mom looks at Canavar and begins to thank him. Canavar quickly and politely responds “You’re Welcome.”, then decides to take his leave.

After he leaves, Ruby’s dad begins to speak very quickly. “Okay, now that he is gone we can get down to business. Ruby, go pack a bag. We’re leaving as soon as possible. We’ll go to the hospital and visit Gran, let her know what’s going on, then get out of here. C’mon, lets go!” Ruby listens and reluctantly puts together a bag and gets in the car. Before she realizes it, they are on a plane to France.

(To Be Continued)


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